Flight over the Okavango Delta

Let me continue my African Adventure stories with you 😊 Next up is our flight over the Okavango delta in Botswana.

Elephant herd seen while flying over Okavango Delta

Now I have never been in a small aircraft so I was super hyped for this adventure!

But as we showed up to the air field it started pissing down rain. Like it was actually raining side ways!

So we called it off and booked it in for the following afternoon. Our only chance was to drink our way through the rest of the rained out day.

The following morning it was bright blue skies.

Perfect weather for a quick flight over the Okavango delta!

Cessna used to fly over Okavango Delta

We arrived at the airport, all super excited to see the Okavango delta from above.

We met out pilot and he was rather young, early 20’s I think. But he assured us we would have a great flight.

We all loaded into the plane and taxied to the runway.

Ready to fly over Okavango Delta

Now I got to sit shotgun in the front seat 😊 It was so cool. I had never been in a light plane, let alone sat shotgun. I even had my own steering wheel and controls so I could take over the plane if the pilot passed out for some reason. But I doubt my skills would be up to scratch for a smooth landing that’s for sure.

view from the cockpit window

Once we were up in the air it wasn’t long before we spotted a herd of elephants.

Elephant herd seen from above on flight over Okavango Delta
Amazing views from our flight over the Okavango Delta

It was amazing to see the winding delta from above.

Hippos from above seen on flight over Okavango Delta

Full of wild life! So many hippos, it was so rad to look down and observe them like the many eagles soaring the skies.

Hippos in the water seen while flying low over Okavango Delta

As we flew higher we all of a sudden flew straight into rain which was pretty cool.

Flying through rain cloud over Okavango Delta

As we headed back to the airport we spotted some more elephants.

Now I never realised how full on it was to bring in a plane to land. As you straighten up the plane and start dipping it in, you start to realise how fast you are actually going.

Approaching the runway on descent of flight over Okavango Delta

What an amazing experience that was! I got to tick two things off my bucket list on this little adventure. Fly in a light plane ✔️ and ride shot gun in a plane ✔️ haha I never knew that was even a thing.

Fist bumping the pilot after our safe landing

If you ever get the chance to fly over the Okavango delta, definitely do it! You will not regret it.

Once again thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more African Adventure blogs coming soon.

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