Animals drinking at waterhole Etosha national park

Waterholes, West Etosha National Park, Namibia

I would like to share some photos with you from the waterholes I visited on the west side of Etosha National Park, in Namibia.

We visited this west side of the park in summer. It was very dry and is very desert like, not many trees and not much wildlife to see.

We did see some ground squirrels though.

And off in the distance we even saw a wildebeest give birth!

Within a minute of the birth, the baby was up and walking. Then they returned to the herd.

Apart from that the only other time we saw wildlife was wherever there was water.

As it’s so dry out here, they have built this man made waterhole which pumps water from an underground bore. It is powered by solar panels.

Waterholes are life out here!

Animals at waterhole Etosha national park

Even if there is a bit of water on the road you are sure to see some wildlife getting their drink on.

We stopped at a little water hole. At first an eagle and a kudu were both hanging out.

Kudu drinking at waterhole Etosha national park

Then some more kudu and a zebra approached for a drink.

Followed by some ostriches.

That stripe doesn’t seem to match the rest…

The way they were running around sure was fun to watch.

Another water hole we passed had some springbok and ostriches at it.

But this one waterhole was just teeming with wild life. We sat and watched oryx, springbok, kudu, zebra and wildebeest all come up to the waterhole for a drink.

Animals drinking at waterhole in Etosha national park

There was a huge herd of zebra at the waterhole.

Zebra herd drinking at waterhole, Etosha national park

It was so cool to just watch them as they drank.

Zebras at waterhole in Etosha national park

The zebra do get spooked very easy. Any sound or slight movement, they all start to jump and move erratically.

Zebras drinking from waterhole in Etosha national park

It was a great day exploring the waterholes in Etosha National Park. After our big day in the park we headed back to our camp site and watched the sun set. Another day of our African Adventure in the books 😊

African sunset

Once again thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more African Adventure blogs coming soon.

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