Singapore Sling

Sampling a Singapore Sling is a must when visiting the country! Apart from the iconic Marina Bay Sands, Merlion and Gardens by the Bay, what else is as synonymous with Singapore?

Long Bar home of the Singapore Sling

Their classic gin based cocktail the Singapore Sling of course!

Where best to try one?

It might be a bit of a cliche but I think Long Bar inside the Raffels hotel! This way you get to try Singapore’s signature cocktail at the place it was first made. Added bonus is that Raffles is also one of city’s most legendary hotels!

The Singapore Sling was created in 1915 by a barman who worked at Raffles at the time. It wasn’t really acceptable for women to drink at bars back then. So he came up with a drink that resembled fruit punch. Thus giving birth to the Singapore Sling!

Singapore Sling story

Long bar has a 1920s Malayan plantation vibe going on.

On the bar you can see the shaker machines used to produce the frothy top.

Sitting on top of the tables and bar are giant bags of monkey nuts – peanuts. You can swipe your nut shells straight off to the floor.

Which makes this the only place in Singapore that you won’t get in trouble for littering!

Sampling Singapore Slings

We try three versions of the Sling.

First up, we try the 1915 version and the Sakura Sling.

Neither Gerard or I are big fans of gin, but both drinks are nice and refreshing.

Two different versions of Singapore Slings

Then it’s time to try the OG version!

Since all the cocktails are about $30 Singapore dollars each we decide to share this one.

The original Singapore Sling

Despite the cocktails being gin based, we drank every drop. Gerard’s favourite was the Sakura Sling. I liked them all but have not been converted to being a full gin lover just yet, haha. I was a huge fan of the “monkey nuts” though!

Monkey Nuts at Long Bar Singapore
Scored a three pack!

So if you’re in Singapore and want to have Sling in the place it was born, make sure you head to Long Bar!

For those who want to sample a Singapore Sling at home, here’s a recipe-


Ice cubes

60ml (1/4 cup) gin

30ml cherry brandy

15ml Cointreau liqueur

15ml Benedictine liqueur (see note)

250ml (1 cup) chilled pineapple juice

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice

6 drops Angostura bitters

Ice cubes, extra, coarsely crushed

Pineapple leaf or fresh mint leaves, for decoration

Half fill a large cocktail shaker with ice cubes
Add gin, brandy, Cointreau, Benedictine, pineapple juice, lime juice and bitters.
Shake well
Half fill glasses up with crushed ice
Pour cocktail into the glasses.
Top with more crushed ice if needed
Add a pineapple leaf or a few mint leaves to decorate

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