Chobe river cruise Hippo

Chobe River Cruise

If you visit Chobe National Park in Botswana, once you have done the safari through the park I highly recommend going for a cruise along the Chobe river.

Two hippos on the bank of Chobe river

We loaded our esky and jumped aboard our boat to have a cruise around the Chobe River.

Loading our esky onto our Chobe river cruise

Now the Chobe River runs along Botswana’s northern border then meets the Zambezi river where it falls over Victoria Falls.

Chobe River

Here is some quick clips from our three hour Chobe river cruise πŸ˜ƒ

The river and landscape is just beautiful.

Our guide was very knowledgeable, schooling us on all the wildlife and plants as we cruised around.

There are many islands along the river with lush green grass, lots of birds and hippos everywhere!!

Hippos are mostly herbivorous animals but can eat meat on occasions.

Their unpredictable and sometimes highly aggressive behaviour makes them one of the most dangerous animals in the world!

Although you often find hippos in water, they can not swim! They generally walk through water that isn’t much deeper than their height.

To make up for the lack of swimming skills, they can hold their breath underwater for minutes on end.

We cruised around checking out different islands and saw some crocodiles sun baking.

Crocodile Chobe River

On the foreshore of Chobe National Park wild game was everywhere grazing.

Kudu on the bank of the Chobe River
Impalas on the bank of Chobe river

We pulled up to one island where there were hippos and a crocodile chilling.

Crocodile and hippo on the bank of the Chobe River
Hippos in the Chobe River

Then off in the distance on the shore, a herd of elephants came close to the water.

Hippos in the water of Chobe river, elephants in the background

It was so amazing! At one point I was looking at a crocodile on the shore while hippos were in the water and elephants were on the river banks on the other side. I was like “is this even real? ” there is so much wildlife around here.

This was the perfect spot for a beer🍺🍺

As the sun started to set we headed back to the dock, then back to our camp site.

 Cheers! From the boat on our Chobe River cruise

If you are ever in the area make sure you rip it up the Chobe River. It is an experience you will never forget.

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