rusted car at Solitaire Namibia

Solitaire, Namibia

Solitaire in Namibia is a very unique gas station stop. It’s full of old American cars and the perfect spot for some lunch. We were back on the road from Swakopmund to Sossusvlei, and this was one of the stops on our way through the desert.

Our first stop was moon landscape. This place is exactly like its name.

I’m pretty sure NASA filmed the moon landing here.

It’s such a crazy arid land scape, with no sight of any life forms.

Apart from these two.

We get back on the truck and hit the dirt road, a couple of beers help this long drive.

When we arrive at the Tropic of Capricorn line, we all pile out of the truck for some photos and to stretch the legs.

Funny enough I saw a VC Clothing sticker on the sign hmmmm I wonder who put that there?….

Tropic of Capricorn

Back on the road and our lunch stop was at the home to Namibia’s famous Apple pie!… none other than Solitaire.

Welcome to Solitaire, Namibia!!!

Welcome to Solitaire Namibia

We pulled up in the carpark and got our tables out to prepare lunch. Then the owner came out telling us we couldn’t have lunch in the carpark! We had to move to another spot, he was being a real dick about it. We’re in the middle of the God damn desert. I don’t think a million cars are just going to rock up for lunch any time soon.

Rusted out cars in Solitaitre Namibia

None the less we parked the truck out the back. And started to have a look around.

The thing that I really liked about this place is all the old school American cars that have come here to die.

So many questions came about, how did they get here? Who owned them? Did they just run out of petrol and abandon them?

Rusted car at Solitaire gas station

Well the story I was told that the original owner actually did run out of petrol at this spot and decided to set up camp here. Which in return now hosts the only gas station, bakery, Cafe and general store for km’s.

Solitaire gas station in Namibia

Hmmmmm… Apple pie

Now Solitaire is renowned for their apple pie. “The best in Namibia” apparently. Which in reality can’t be too hard as there are no other shops around for as far as the eye can see ha ha.

Soitaire's famous apple pie

Now here is a tip for you. Although the apple pie is amazing just stick to that from the bakery. As they sell lots of them everyday so they are always fresh. Now the meat pies in the bakery is a whole other story… They could have been there for days. I suggest to stay away from them other wise there will be lots of highway pit stops to your next destination.

Bakery in Solitaire, Namibia

None the less all the cars make this place so awesome to check out.

Tractor at Solitaire Namibia

I was following this squirrel trying to feed him some of my sandwich and came across the international Solitaire airport.

Solitaire international airport in Namibia

The best part of this airport is the relaxed customs.

Man it was getting hot out here! Even the squirrel was using his tail for shade.

This place definitely doesn’t get much rain that’s for sure.

They do have accommodation here with a very inviting pool. But we didn’t have enough time for a swim.

So we ate our lunch then loaded up the truck for our next destination Sossusvlei.

So if you’re ever in Namibia and doing the drive from Swakopmund to Sossusvlei or vice versa, make sure you stop in to Solitaire for some apple pie! Besides that is your only stopping point option on the way 😉

Motor cylce frame at Solitaire Namibia

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