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Hi and welcome to our website 👋 Here’s a little bit about Four Worn Soles – We’re a couple of travel enthusiasts, who hail from Brisbane, Australia, and who would one day love to travel full time… But for now are trying to master the art of the work/life balance! We work hard and play even harder.

Making the most of any new adventure that comes our way. We have blown out plenty of thongs and worn out many shoe soles in the process, hence our name Four Worn Soles!

Stop by here for inspiration, stories, tips, how to’s, photos, videos, lifestyle events and more. What you won’t get here is cheesy couple selfies where you can’t even tell where we are. That’s a Four Worn Soles guarantee.

So without further ado, let us introduce ourselves..

About Us Renee Machu Picchu

Hi, my name is Renee and I’m a travelholic – maybe a wee bit of a social alcoholic too ha ha! For as long as I can remember I have always loved to travel. Caught the travel bug early and never grew out of it! I can honestly say that travelling is my one true passion and is the only thing I want to do with my life…..

To pay for my travelling obsession I have been a hairdresser, bar wench, door bitch, club hostess, retail sales assistant and legal agent. But have never really been career orientated as I am more of the “work to live” mantra than the “live to work.” And, I always find myself getting distracted with my next adventure! Luckily for me I have had plenty of opportunities to travel throughout my whole life. So far I have been to every continent except for my ultimate dream destination… Antarctica!

About Us Gerard Bejing China

Hi, my name is Gerard, and I love the feeling of being outside my comfort zone. From my hobby of rollerblading, I got to travel around the world. As well as live in China for a few years doing rollerblade demos at a theme park. When I’m not outside my comfort zone, I’m stuck in my comfort zone of my shed, running my screen printing business and running my clothing label – vcclothing.com

I prefer to visit and experience countries and cultures different to my own. Street BBQ is probably my favourite food ever and I consider myself to be a foreign beer tasting enthusiast. In saying that, my one and only travel regret was buying non alcoholic beer in Easter Island.. Damn language barrier! When you read my stories, I will tell them exactly how they went down. With only the names being changed to protect the innocent.

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