Gariep River Canoeing- South Africa

Canoeing along the Gariep River in South Africa was a lot of fun!!

After the Fish River canyon we were back on the long dirt roads headed to the border crossing.

We just crossed the border from Namibia back into South Africa. Interesting fact – The Gariep or Orange River that will be canoeing on later actually runs along the border between Namibia and South Africa!

Heading to our next camp site along the river. We set up our tent. Then had a rest in the shade with some beers.

It was so nice to see green grass and a flowing river after spending over a week in the desert.

As the afternoon came along, we all got ready for our canoeing trip down the Gariep River.

Ready to hit the water!

The weather was just perfect and the landscape along the river was so beautiful.

Gariep River

There was a herd of sheep along the rivers edge as we got into our canoe and started paddling down the river.

It was an awesome way to just float and enjoy a beer or three 😊

Gariep River
Gariep River
Gariep River

Along our way we came across some little rapids which was a good change from peacefully cruising.

Gariep River

Some points there were so many weeds in the water, I had to get out and push the canoe.

Gariep River

We all stopped for a quick swim in the river.

Gariep River

It was so refreshing having a swim to beat the heat. This sure was a nice change from the desert 😊

Gariep River

Then made our way back to the camp site where the local dogs were waiting for us in the river.

Phew! Canoeing along the Gariep River sure is hard work! Should’ve saved those beers from earlier 😉

Here’s some quick clips of us canoeing on the Gariep River.

Back at camp we watched the sun set.

And played a couple of games of “MAFIA” which turned into a screaming match. Ha ha good times.

Another amazing day of this African adventure in the books!
Stay tuned for more blogs as we make our way down to Cape Town – South Africa 😊

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