Owl cafe – Osaka, Japan

This owl cafe in Osaka, Japan sure was hoot!! Now we have never seen an owl up this close and personal before.. So it was a pretty cool experience to have a drink with them.

We saw lots of different animal cafes while traveling around Japan. There were the usual cat and dog cafes but I wanted something more unusual…. Then in Osaka we found it – an owl cafe!!

Chouette Owl Cafe Osaka

Chouette Cafe had 11 different types of owls that lived there

They had their own room and it seemed nice and clean and the owls were reasonably happy for captive birds.

owl cafe osaka

It costs 1,500 yen for one hour in the cafe which includes a coffee or drink.

They give you a quick run down about the rules of the cafe. Then we had to clean our hands before going to hang out with the owls.

As we step inside there are owls everywhere

owl cafe osaka
Big ones
owl cafe osaka
Small ones

I walked up to this one owl that was quite big. As I got close he turned his head right at me and opened his big yellow eyes. It was intimidating at first, as he maintained eye contact with me with his eyes wide open. There was a seat next to him so I just sat and chilled with this owl face to face. It was a weird and wonderful moment.

owl cafe osaka

You can pat the owls on the head and beak and some seem to really enjoy it.

owl cafe osaka

Here is a list of the larger owls you will find in the cafe

First up we saw two rock eagle owls named Satuki and Ginji. These owls are found in India.

Satuki and Ginji

Fun fact -The rock eagle distracts predators by faking a wing injury or flying in a zigzag manner. This confuses them and keeps them away from their offspring.

Next was a Northern white faced owl, named Chip. These type of owls can be found in parts of Africa.


Fun fact -The northern white faced owls are very well known for their ability to change their shape for protection. If alarmed they have a very unique way of escaping detection, they can elongate their bodies and contract their feathers, making themselves taller and thinner – and even lean slightly to further camouflage themselves as branches.

Here we have a Snowy owl named Arashi. Snowy owls can be found in Northen artic areas.


Fun fact -The snowy owl was a pet of Harry Potter in the movie series.

Then we have a Rufous legged owl named Momojirou. These owls come from southern South America.

Fun fact -They breed in October and normally lay around 2-3 eggs in their tree hole.

An Eurasian Eagle Owl named Tiara. These owls are from Europe and Asia.

owl cafe osaka

Fun fact -These guys are highly territorial birds and they are on top of the food chain, so they will normally live until 20 years old in the wild.

And lastly we have a Malay eagle owl named Pearl. These owls are from the southern Asian region.

Fun fact -These owls usually mate for life and the females use the same nest location every year. She only lays one egg each year

Out of the smaller owls there were your classic barn owls

And many more of which I am not sure the name of. But they all were super cool none the less.

owl cafe osaka
Osaka owl cafe
owl cafe osaka
owl cafe osaka
Osaka owl cafe

My favourite owl was this Great Gray Owl

These owls are the largest in length out of all the owls. The Northen hemisphere is where these guys call home. In some places they are also called the phantom of the North. Which is a pretty cool name.

Owl cafe Osaka japan

It was really cool to see all these different owls up close and personal. So if you are ever in Osaka, Japan and have an hour to kill, Chouette owl cafe is an interesting option.

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