Silver Ball Planet-Osaka, Japan

Silver Ball Planet is easily the best Pinball parlour in Japan. It is home to over 103 pinball machines. In Japan the game Pachinko is very popular. It is very much like a gambling pinball machine but very confusing. So I was happy to have found some western pinball machines that I could play.

While we were walking through the streets of Dontonburi looking for our hotel, we passed a pinball parlour.

Now I’m a bit of a pinball fan. So I was pretty excited to see what collection they would have here!

Silver Ball Planet

This pinball parlour is inside a shopping centre complex ( Shinsaibashi Big Step ) and they had this cool curved escalator which takes you up to the front door

Once we enter the parlour, I was instantly overwhelmed with options of all the different pinball machines to play!

Silver Ball Planet

Now each machine takes one 100 yen coin to play.

Silver Ball Planet

There is a huge range of machines to play, from the old….

To the new.

Silver Ball Planet

They have all the classics, and they are all split up into different themes. Like music pinballs.

Silver Ball Planet

Iron maiden is one of my favourites and also the Guns and Roses machine.

The Guns and Roses pinball used to be at the Fish and chip shop near my high school. So I used to play it everyday 😊

This was the first time I got to play the Rob Zombie machine and it was amazing fun!!

They also had all of the Star Wars machines.

Silver Ball Planet

Also the classic Playboy machines.

And all the cartoon machines where here too.

Plus all the movie titles.

And what is a visit to a Japanese pinball parlour without playing some Mario Brothers?? 😊

Silver Ball Planet

And we finished off our time here playing Godzilla

Silver Ball Planet

What an amazing collection Silver Ball Planet has. I have never seen such a huge variety of pinball machines. I highly recommend checking it out if you are ever in Dontonburi in Osaka, Japan!!

Address – 1 Chome-6-14 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka, 542-0086, Japan

Opening times –


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Happy travels!!