Cup Noodles museum Osaka – Japan

Now we all love these delicious tasty instant noodle treats for a snack during the day or night… So when we were in Osaka Japan, the Cup Noodles museum was definitely on the cards.

This museum celebrates one of the most important inventions of the modern time. The instant cup noodles! And we can all thank Mr Momofuku Ando for changing the edible history 😊

Cup noodle museum

The convenience of just adding hot water to the noodles inside the cup was just pure genius.

Instant noodles have been a staple diet for every single student and low income earner world wide.

Now this museum takes you on a journey back through time, showcasing every single cup noodles flavour and product they have ever produced.

Cup noodle museum

Starting all the way back to the good old days of 1958 until present days.

The cup noodle blew up and was distributed world wide.

People loved cup noodles so much they even blasted that shit into space to feed the astronauts!!!

They even had an exact replica of the house where the cup noodles idea came into fruition. And as the story goes this was the same house where noodles were first invented. But all of this is purely speculation.

Cup noodle museum

Cup noodle was in such high demand in Japan that they used to have cup noodle vending machines on every corner.

Now the highlight of the cup noodle museum is definitely the make your own cup noodle!!!

Pump a couple of yen into the vending machine to receive your blank cup.

Cup noodle museum

Then it’s time to get your arts and crafts on!!
They supply a mixture of different coloured markers to decorate your cup noodle packaging in your own special way.

Cup noodle museum

Then it’s time to turn your empty cup into your very own custom flavoured delicious instant treat.

This is the point of the make your own noodles experience, which gives you the feeling of what it’s like to work eight hours plus a day on a production line at the cup noodle factory.

The first person puts the noodles in the cup. And you get to turn the cranks of the machine to finalise the delicate procedure.

Next up on the production line is the flavour options.

WOW what a selection of flavours!

Mr Momofuku Ando travelled the globe in search for the perfect flavours to combine with his noodles, hand picked with precision to make the ultimate taste bud experience.

Cup noodle museum
Cup noodle museum

Once the flavours have been added the next step is to put the lid on. A finely tuned machine slaps that lid on like its nothing, sealing in the future enjoyment of a snack on the go.

Cup noodle museum

Then the final step in creating this personalised masterpiece of hunger craving convenience is to shrink wrap these bad boys up for the ultimate protection.

Then there you have it. Your very own personalised cup noodle!!!

They even have the option to put it into a blow up bag which will protect these precious little gems from being completely crushed when packed in your bag.

Admission to the museum is free and it’s only 300 yen per cup to make your very own cup noodles!

Cup noodle museum

So for a good, cheap day out in Osaka, make sure you visit the Cup Noodles museum!!!

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