Best Arcade Game in Japan

Are you a stressed out Japanese business man, that has had enough of crazy dead lines? Or a student that has never ending tests? A disappointed dad… Or a bridezilla??…..
Well we have found the best arcade game in japan just for you!!!!

I would like to introduce you to this arcade machine. Which is a table that you bang on it to build up your anger level, then you flip it!!!

Best Arcade Game in Japan

Also know as Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! AKA Super Table Flip. Sounds fun right?… Well it sure is!!

Even though this arcade machine was completely in Japanese, we still had the best time ever!

Best Arcade Game in Japan

The game cost 200 yen per game. We had seen this arcade game on a couple of Japan blogs, so we had to find it!

According to the internet this game would be very hard to find. But we randomly stumbled across the best arcade game in Japan, at an arcade parlour right next to the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku! 

Let the flipping begin

Now the aim of the game is to build up your anger meter located on the left of the screen by banging on the table.

Best Arcade Game in Japan

Once your anger meter is full, it’s time to flip the table in anger and take out everything standing in your way with the table.

As you can see this is why this is the best arcade game in Japan ha ha.

There are multiple scenarios to choose from. Our favourites were the angry dad who flips the table on his family…

Best Arcade Game in Japan

.. The bridezilla at her wedding who flips her wedding cake on her guests…

Best Arcade Game in Japan
Best Arcade Game in Japan
Best Arcade Game in Japan

…And the unforgettable funeral director who is getting very mad for some reason.. Maybe the deceased owed the Yakuza money?.. Any way you end up flipping the coffin off the table and it takes out all the mourners in the room. So random ha ha.

This game is so much fun!

At the end of the round, after all the table devastation has been done, you’ll get your final score. No matter how much damage you inflicted, another character which is completely different to the game would show up. If you didn’t make much damage and received a low score.. Your character would be sad and an angry guy in a construction helmet would yell at you…

Now if you destroyed everything in your path with the table and got a sweet high score. Your character at the end turns into this sort of cyborg with cords coming out of his body. I have no idea why.

But wait there’s more. Here is the other spanner in the game. This game has something to do with baseball… Now I have no idea what but there is a baseball theme in the story line that is all in Japanese.

I think there is a two player option, where you flip the table on a baseball field. But we didn’t try it, we liked the other characters better ha ha.

So if you are ever in Japan make sure you keep an eye out for this game you will not be disappointed, unlike the dad in this game 😂

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