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Robot Restaurant Battle Royale

Let me tell you about that one time I kicked a robot’s ass in a Robot Restaurant Battle Royale!!! It was a few years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday… My sister and I were visiting Japan for the first time and there was plenty of crazy, cool things to do on our Japan novice list.

robot restaurant tokyo

One of the top ones being a visit to the world famous ROBOT RESTAURANT!!! For those that aren’t familiar it is a themed restaurant/bar in a basement of the Shinjuku nightlife district. Along with said robots the out of this world show includes dancers, pyrotechnics, laser displays and fit inducing strobe lights! Making it one of the most random and quintessential Japanese experiences out there.

foyer robot restaurant

On our arrival we are still wearing our Minnie Mouse ears from our visit to Disneyland earlier that day. When picking up our tickets, they ask if we would like to be a part of the show? My sister instantly declines the offer. I however, ask “What would I do in the show?” They answered “you get to fight one of our robots with giant boxing gloves” … πŸ€” ummmm HELL YES I will be in the show!!!

waiting area robot restaurant

If the decor in the foyer and waiting area are anything to go by we are definitely in for the unexpected! Despite being a restaurant, we opt to just watch the show. All of the reviews for the show are next level. The quality of the meals however, is quite mediocre. When they show us to our seats, it seems that perhaps my volunteering in the show scored us an upgrade! We are front and center. Order some drinks and wait for the craziness to begin.


It’s not too long before the lights dim and the sounds of beating drums start as colourfully lit carriages roll out.

Show escalates quickly with more carriages rolling out with dancers and guitarists ripping up the chords 🎢

After everyone is well and truly hyped up, the stage turns into a ring. Two robots enter the ring and start fighting.

It becomes apparent that one of these robots may be one of the robots I have to fight! So like any professional fighter I size up my possible opponents, studying their moves. Sure enough. After one of the robots is knocked to the ground, it is announced they are looking for a contender. My seat number is called out, and it’s my time to show everyone how it’s done πŸ‘Š

Challenger ready!

For a couple of rounds the robot puts up a good fight but starts to tire from back to back matches. I deliver some lethal punches and he is down!

fighting a robot

One, two, three…. he stays down for the count and I’m declared the winner πŸ†!!! With my participation now done and dusted, I can now enjoy the madness of the rest of the show. Pandas riding a cow, then fighting a robot. Giant shark then eating robot. Monkey flying across room by a butterfly.

We wait in anticipation with no idea what to expect, or what is going to come out next! Mad max style vehicles, laser fighting machines, cabaret singing girls, giant robotic snake and terminators carrying dancing girls apparently!

Glow sticks are handed out by staff. The room descends further into darkness. All we can see is our glow sticks and break dancers wearing this get up.

All the dancers and robots come out for a fitting finale for the 90 minutes of insanity we all just witnessed!

Looking forward to seeing this crazy show again! This show needs to be seen to be believed. Only then will you be able to truly appreciate it for the work of random art it is. So if you are ever in the crazy metropolis of Tokyo make sure you check it out, I doubt you will be disappointed. Stay tuned for Robot Restaurant take two ✌

Robot restaurant tokyo

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