teamLab Borderless- Tokyo, Japan

While in Tokyo, we went and had a look at an interactive, digital, light and art museum called teamLab Borderless.

Artwork at teamLab Borderless in Tokyo

This museum is unlike any you have ever seen before! With no map of how to get around, you are free to wander through and explore this unique 3D 10,000 square metre space.

Artwork at teamLab Borderless in Japan

Artworks themselves move from room to room. Sometimes they intwine with other displays, creating new pieces before moving on again. This makes a “borderless” world full of ever changing displays.

Here’s some clips from our day at teamLab

The brains behind this installation is an art collective called teamLab. This group is made up of graphic designers, artists, programmers, engineers, animators and mathematicians. Together, they all work to bring this digital world to life.

This museum is fully interactive as well

In some of the bigger spaces your interaction influences the outcome of the artwork. You can help grow a tree, decide where leaves fall, start a fire that at first devastates the current piece but becomes the beginning for a new one.

As well as influencing how the artworks turn out you can walk through Crystal World, admire all the pretty lights whilst imagining you are in a P Diddy film clip..

Crystal World, teamLab Bortderless Tokyo Japan

Explore the Athletic Forest, bounce on a giant trampoline while seeing the universe grow beneath your feet..

Or slide through the Fruit Field..

Climb across the gemstones of the Light Forest. Try and stick to the same colour, it’s a lot harder than you think!

Weightless Forest of resonating Light, teamLab Borderless

Walk amongst the giant balloons of Weightless Forest of Resonating Light..

Try not to get lost in the Forest of Resonating Lamps..

Forest of resonating light, teamLab Borderless in Tokyo

Or just relax and unwind in the Black waves room.

We arrived around midday and spent a few hours exploring all the different spaces and rooms. One thing we didn’t get to see or experience was the Floating Nest. It had a line with an expected wait time of one and half hours! We figured instead of waiting in line for that time we could spend it seeing all the other amazing artworks. I recommend if you do want to see this piece that you arrive early. Despite missing out on it, we thoroughly enjoyed our time here, was good to not know what to expect around the next corner!

The thing I liked the most about this place is not every ones experience here will be the same. Since you can go through in your own direction and at your own pace, as well as ever changing displays this endless art world really is borderless!

So if you’re ever in Tokyo make sure you check out teamLab Borderless! For more information, check out their website – teamLab

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