BJW wrestling

BJW DEATH MATCH. Japan’s most entertaining wrestling show.

I have always been a big fan of the underground Japanese BJW death match wrestling. When we booked our ticket to Japan this was the first thing I wanted to see!

After a bit of research on the internet, we found an email contact about the Endless Survivor event in Yokohama.

A couple of emails back and forth we decided to take the risk and bought tickets through Paypal. They said our name would be on the door, so fingers crossed 😊

The day had finally arrived it was “BJW Death match day!! ” Jumped on the train bound for Yokohama. We had some time to kill so we decided to stop off at the ramen museum. It was crazy there but that’s a whole other story.

We made it to the stadium and walked up to the ticket booth. After some misunderstanding and charades they found an envelope with our names written on it. BOOM GAME ON!!

Sometimes sending money to strangers over the internet does pay off!

Across the road was a 711 which is where I found these 9% grape drinks called “delicious”

They sure were delicious and damn did they pack a punch.

The show didn’t start for another hour or so, so we headed to the water front for a look around.

Back at the stadium the crowds had grown. And we were told the this event was BYO. WOW.. could this show get any better?? Yes it can.

We loaded up on 9% drinks then headed inside the building. The BJW mascot is some kind of platypus or duck looking thing.

Some of the wrestlers were at the tables hustling merch. Which was cool as fans could meet them.

I thought this might be a budget production, but I was wrong. It was a full professional wrestling event! Big screens with live feed video, with all the lighting etc.

The event opened with two J pop guys singing some pop songs. Which I thought was a bit weird for a death match opening show.

Now I just want to make it clear… All names have been changed as I don’t know any Japanese and I mean no disrespect to any wrestlers involved. So lets get down to the action!!

Like every wrestling league there is a story line. So they played all the smack talk promos to build up the crowds excitement. Although we had no idea what they were talking about haha.

The first three matches were normal wrestling matches which were entertaining. There was this HUGE sumo guy in a tag team match which was fun to watch. Except for when he bent over in our direction haha.

Then the first hard core match begun..

Man we were in for a treat! It was a three on three match and all the guys entered the ring with their weapons of choice.

One guy had a pitch fork. Another with a bin full of random electronic devices. The others had some Styrofoam and his CD collection stuck into it and a door covered in barbed wire. While another had some porcelain garden gnome haha and more.

The 9% delicious drinks where in full effect by this point. I joined in on the heckling, as we were the only English speaking people there haha.

The high light of this match is definitely one of the funniest things I have ever seen in wrestling.
One of the guys got out a super Nintendo from his bag of tricks with the game cartridge in it. Power bombed his opponent onto it. Then got the cartridge out, blew on the cartridge then proceeded to hit him in the head with it until he was bleeding profusely. Haha so fitting for Japan.

After that match was some more story line promos. Then a tag team title match featuring the most elegant wrestling outfit I have ever seen. None other then this guy supporting these amazing velvet crutch DT’s

After that it was the semi final match with one of the true OG’s in Japanese wrestling VS an up and comer of the sport. Now until this day the green mist of death has only been a myth passed down by generations.

The match began and it looked like the OG was losing. Then all of a sudden there it was… THE GREEN MIST OF DEATH!! Came spitting out of his mouth covering his opponent in what looked like a very painful situation for him.

Now we are unsure of what the green mist of death actually is. Maybe it’s some sort of poisonous acid that the OG is immune too. Or it might just be some green food dye. But that’s beside the point. A quick DDT to the blinded up and comer and he was out for the three count.

A lady across from me was so disappointed with the outcome that she started crying.

The lights turned off as the ring was prepared for…..


Raymond Ramen the Ranga VS Jeff in this no holds barred fluorescent light and ladder DEATH MATCH!!!!

The crowd in the front row were given plastic sheets to protect them from the flying glass.

After their promos of shit talking the lights turned back on and the ring was lined with fluorescent light tubes.

BJW wrestling
BJW wrestling

This was it. I am actually about to witness a death match with my own eye’s.

After some smack talking in the ring, they proceeded to smash the fluro tubes over each other’s heads. Covering the floor with the glass.

Then BOOM first power bomb onto the mat and the blood began to flow.

In two corners of the ring were bundles of fluro tubes to inflict the most pain and make for an exciting explosion when broken over the victim. Raymond Ramen the Ranga didn’t hesitate to climb to the top rope and deliver this deadly blow. Kneeing it right in the face of Jeff.

After some more back and forth between the two, the glass had cut both opponents and they were covered in blood. Bleeding perfusly from the forehead and back. One thing you have to remember…. THIS IS A DEATH MATCH!!!!!

Jeff was out cold on the mat, then Raymond Ramen the Ranga jumped out of the ring. Disappearing under the ring only to come out with this huge ladder!

He climbed to the top of the ladder and executed a perfect leg drop from the top. Only problem was Jeff moved at the last minute and just missed the leg drop from that height.

A few more power moves were executed in the ring filled with glass.

Then Raymond Ramen the Ranga once again climbed to the top of the ladder. But Jeff was not taking that risk and followed him up the ladder. A couple of blows were dished out between the two at the top, then the ultimate finishing move was served. Jeff set him up and suplexed Raymond Ramen the Ranga from the top of the ladder. Down onto the glass covered mat!

I was getting rowdy and maybe yelling a bit too much. When this old man karate chopped my shoulder and told me to calm down haha.

What a high risk manoeuvre! Jeff went for the pin… 1…2…3!! Then both guys laid on the mat. As the referee subtly was picking the big chunks of glass out of their bodies.

WOW!.. what a show this was. It definitely did not disappoint. I can now tick off a Japanese wrestling BJW death match off my list 😁

If you’re into this kind of entertainment I highly recommend trying to see a BJW event when you’re in Japan. Finding out how to buy tickets to a BJW death match can be a confusing though. So here is a link to the website we used to buy ours.

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