Menbaka Fire Ramen – Kyoto Japan.

Do you like fire? Do you love ramen? No I mean do you REALLY love ramen, like you think about it all the time?? Well Menbaka Fire Ramen in Kyoto Japan is the place for you!

On a recent trip to Japan my goal was to eat ramen everyday. If not multiple times a day. I wanted to try as many different styles as possible.

We even went to the ramen museum in Yokohama, checked out the cup noodle factory in Osaka and lined up for over an hour at Ichiran.


We heard about this fire ramen restaurant in Kyoto called Menbaka. Now it’s not called fire ramen because the ramen is super HOT, but this ramen is actually on FIRE!!!

Haha I was like we have to get to Kyoto just to try this Menbaka Fire Ramen.

So we booked a hotel room that was not far from this restaurant, and headed down for lunch to see what all the hype was about.

Once we arrived we got our ticket to wait in line. Then when some free seat were available we headed inside.

Once seated we were given these paper aprons to protect us from any liquids that will splash on us. Now thinking how flammable these aprons are, was this really a good idea for the fire ramen experience???

Menbaka Fire Ramen

We were given menus to pick our ramen of choice then it was the waiting game….

The staff here were excellent. We had a quick chat to the owner Mr Fire Ramen. He took our phone and set it up so we could film the experience.

Now they pour hot oil onto the ramen which is topped with green onion. This immediately sets off a huge flame!

The fire brings out the flavour of the green onion and broth he explained.

The ramen is a simple soy based broth but it is very tasty.

Menbaka Fire Ramen

Now when they serve up the fire it is an intense experience. You can feel the heat from the flames on your face. And I was just hoping this apron will protect me haha.

Menbaka Fire Ramen
Menbaka Fire Ramen
Menbaka Fire Ramen
Menbaka Fire Ramen
Menbaka Fire Ramen

And the ramen sure was tasty 😊

Menbaka Fire Ramen

What an awesome ramen experience this is!! And as their motto says. “No ramen, No life”

Menbaka Fire Ramen

So when you are enjoying your fire ramen just make sure you stick to the rules 😁

So if you are a ramen lover, or just want a unique food experience, I highly recommend checking out Menbaka Fire ramen in Kyoto Japan. For more info check out their website FIRE RAMEN.

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