Gardens by the Bay on Christmas day – Singapore

On Christmas Eve, Renee and I left Brisbane for our three week safari through Africa. Our first stop was Singapore.

As we were checking in, the guy at the counter leant over and said due to some “operational something a rather” we got the elusive business class upgrade. It was a Christmas miracle !!

I have always wanted to fly business class at least once in my life time. So, it was the best Christmas present from Emirates ever!!

We celebrated with our travel tradition of cheersing some Bloody Marys before we boarded the plane.

Once seated, we were greeted with a glass of bubbles which is basically carbonated goon. I gave mine to Renee because there was no way I was drinking it!

The seats reclined all the way out so you could lay down on your chair. It was like we were kings! Was so good to get a taste of the 1% life.

After a couple of drinks I passed out watching a movie only to wake up on landing in Singapore. It was the most comfortable sleep on a plane ever!! I reclined my chair back to the seating position. Only to realise my head phone’s got stuck under the chair! The chair crushed them ha ha whoops. None the less we arrived in Singapore nice and early on Christmas day.

It was super exciting to be in Singapore! We checked in to our hotel and went out exploring the city for the day. We walked all around the city, to the Merlion and check out the sights of Marina Bay.

Then headed into Gardens by the Bay.

These botanical gardens are just beautiful, everything is so green and the Supertrees are really cool.

Exploring Singapore on Christmas day
Gardens by the Bay Christmas day

We saw a sign saying otters cross here and don’t feed the otters etc, so we were on the look out for otters. Unfortunately no luck with the otters.

Although we did find a hawker center to get some food from and a quick beer to cool down as it was so damn hot.

We found a Chinese noodle stall which had a dish I ate every day while living in China

We explored the gardens then checked out the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest .

Gardens by the Bay on Christmas Day

They were both really nice as they both had air conditioning.

Then it was time to go get some more food. After that we headed back to our hotel for a swim in our roof top pool to cool down.

Once it got dark we walked down to the river to get a boat cruise back into Gardens by the Bay for their Christmas markets.

The city looked beautiful at night with all the buildings lit up. One even had the whole building as an animation of snow falling. Was really cool. We passed the Merlion, then got off the boat at Marina Bay.

Marina Bay Singapore at night

We then walked to the Christmas markets..

Gardens by the bay for Christmas

Holy shit! It was packed. There were people everywhere, coming and going from the markets. We finally get in and it is so crowded. It was like being at a music festival but with no bands playing. There were food and market stalls and all the food markets had huge lines. I spotted a beer stall and headed straight for it. We grabbed a burger and found a spot under one of the Supertrees and lay down to watch the super tree light show extravaganza.

Gardens by the bay at night

They light up the trees in sync with some Christmas songs it was OK I guess, nothing amazing. After deciding that we had, had enough of being around a million people. Start the walk back to our hotel, stopping at 7-Eleven for some beer for the walk.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore on Christmas night

What a way to spend Christmas day exploring Gardens by the Bay and Singapore! It sure will be a Christmas I will never forget 🙂

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