Norfolk Island

Best things to do on Norfolk Island

Norfolk island is an incredible destination with plenty to do!!.. And the following are some of our best things to do on Norfolk Island.

But first let’s introduce you to this beautiful sub tropical paradise..

Norfolk Island coastline

lt’s a pine tree lined, rugged coastline, hidden gem of the South Pacific!

Norfolk Island beach

Think rolling green hills that would be at home in the English country side, meets lush ferny rainforests, rocky volcanic coastlines, beautifully clear beaches and reef fringed lagoons!

Norfolk Island lagoon

And considering Norfolk Island is only 34.6 square km, it’s hard to believe all these different landscapes exist here.

Norfolk Island fig trees

Best of all, since the island is approximately 8km long and 5km wide, it only takes about 15 minutes to get anywhere!

Norfolk Island

Although marketed at older generations there is still plenty to enjoy here if you have an open mind…

Anson Bay Norfolk Island

Especially if you like to disconnect and get back to nature!

Walking track Norfolk Island

And best of all – the place isn’t over run with tourists!!!

Cliff edge seat

But word of warning what you won’t find here is a night life of any kind… Unless you like ghost tours 👻

cemetry at night

How long do you need at Norfolk Island?

Initially I was a bit worried that seven days would be too long and that we would run out of things to do… How wrong I was!

rocky beach Norfolk island

Seven days was just enough to do nearly everything we wanted to do.

cows at Kingston ruins

And had the weather been more favourable the whole time, we probably would of had the chance.

Foggy view Mt Pitt

But even so every day was jam packed full of hikes, swimming, fishing etc. Just had to work with whatever weather we were dealt.

Walking track Captain Cook lookout

So without further ado – Here are our best things to do on Norfolk Island 🇳🇫

Crystal Pool

This beautiful pool certainly lives up to its name and is a must when visiting Norfolk Island.

Crystal Pool Norfolk Island

Just be sure to visit at low tide and when there are no waves crashing over the rocks.

Crystal Pool

Getting to the pool is a bit of a mission but definitely worth the effort..

Warning sign Crystal Pool

For more check out this blog – Crystal Pool

Do a fishing charter

Now a little joke on the island is that you don’t go out “fishing” you go out catching! You see due to Norfolk Island’s remote location it makes for a fisherman’s dream. Plus seeing how they get the boats in the water is pretty cool too.

Fishing charter Norfolk Island

Most fishing charters guarantee you’ll come home with a certain amount of fish. And best of all you won’t need to spend all day out on the water to do so.

Fish caught

Advance Fishing Charters guarantees each paying customer 2kg of fish – This can also be taken home on the plane as long as it’s frozen and checked in. They also have the biggest boat which is helpful if you suffer from sea sickness.

Advance fishing charter
Watch a shark feeding frenzy

In my opinion something even better than the fishing is when the boats return to the harbour… As they fillet their catches and dispose of the off cuts straight over the edge!

shark feeding frenzy

Something the local bronze whalers know all too well. They seem to know exactly when the boats are due back and are already waiting!

Shark splashing around
Captain Cook Lookout

Here you will find a stone obelisk monument that roughly marks the spot where Captain Cook landed in 1774.

Captain Cook obelisk

It is also a beautiful viewpoint to the ocean and rock formations along the coast.

Rock formations along coastline

The Bridle Track also starts here, and then connects to the other walking tracks on the island.

Bridle track map
Elephant Rock hike

The round trip hike to Elephant and Bird Rock took us 1 hr 50 min (this included appreciation time).

Captain cook lookout

But could certainly be done quicker if we stuck to the Red Stone line track both ways. The Red Stone track was 700m one way and definitely more scenic.

scenic view Norfolk Island

But on our way back we took the Bird Rock track, which was 760m and very steep! Nonetheless, a closer view of Elephant Rock is truly worth the walk.

Elephant Rock Norfolk Island

For more check out this blog – Elephant Rock

Mt Pitt Lookout

Mt Pitt stands 320m above sea level and although not the highest point on the island (that honour belongs to neighbouring Mt Bates) is the only place where you get 360 degree views.

View from Mt Pitt Lookout

And if you time your visit you can watch the planes come in and take off from the airport.

Plane taking off

Which is pretty easy as they only come in on certain days and times of the week – Just be sure to listen to the radio for up to date flight times.


Although the water temperature wasn’t as warm as it could of been we couldn’t resist doing some snorkeling.

Emily Bay lagoon

And from what we saw while snorkeling Emily and Slaughter Bay, we will certainly be keen to try again in warmer weather.

Emily Bay Norfolk Island
Historic Kingston Ruins

Of course checking out this UNESCO world heritage site is a must.

Ruins on Norfolk Island

Not only is it the foundation of the island’s history, but it’s location by the water definitely makes the visit worthwhile.

Kingston ruins Norfolk Island

Best of all the site is free and open 24/7 so finding the time to visit won’t be a problem.

But if you’re after a more thorough history lesson, the museums around the site are also worth a visit too.

Bounty museum Norfolk

Now here’s some of our best Norfolk Island tips –

  • You won’t have any reception unless you buy a new sim card on the island – But RSL has free wifi and happy hour is from 4 – 6pm 😉
  • Liquor Bond is closed Sundays and a bottle of spirits was cheaper than a carton of beers!
  • Burnt Pine is the main township. This is also the only place on the island where you won’t find any cows
Burnt Pine Norfolk
  • The town’s perimeter is protected by cattle guards
Cattle guards Norfolk
  • But everywhere else the free ranging cows have right of way
Cows Norfolk Island
  • Don’t forget to do the Norfolk wave while driving around! The locals always wave when passing other vehicles so make sure you partake in this friendly gesture 👋
  • Most shops and cafes shut around midday Saturday and closed Sundays
  • Farmers Markets is on from 7 – 9.30am Saturday
  • Craft markets are on 8.30 – 11am Sunday
  • Fruit and vegetables are seasonal, so not everything will be available like on the mainland
  • At the shops we noticed fresh produce seemed to be put out on Monday
  • But keep an eye out for fresh produce stands around the Island – We found a good one near the Island fish fry
  • Only bank and ATM on the island is CBA
  • Norfolk Island is rated as a gold level dark sky town so is an astro photographer’s dream 🌌🌠!!!
Norfolk Island
So if breathtaking scenery, pristine nature, unique culture, historical ruins and friendly locals are your thing..

Definitely add Norfolk Island to your travel wishlist!

Cows Norfolk Island

I’m sure you will find lots to do and with less than 3hrs flying time from Brisbane, Sydney or Auckland… It’s practically on your doorstep!!

Norfolk Island

Thanks for stopping by ✌

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