North Gorge Walk Stradbroke

North Gorge walk – Stradbroke Island

North Gorge walk on Stradbroke Island is a beautiful scenic walk along the Point Lookout headland.

Kangaroos Point lookout Stradbroke Island

It’s about 1km long and takes about 30 minutes. But of course can take longer if you’re stopping and admiring the scenery and wildlife along the way…

Which I’m assuming you will be!

It starts off as a dirt track then turns into a wooden board walk.

Gorge walk Stradbroke Island

The walk has breath taking views of the ocean.

And during whale season (June – November) it’s a great spot to be on the look out for whales… Actually, in fact this is one of the best places on the east coast of Australia to do so 🐋😃! For more information, check out our other blog – Stradbroke Island whale watching.

But year round you’ll usually see turtles and rays. You might even spot a pod of dolphins!

Now my favourite time to do North Gorge walk is at sunrise

North Gorge walk Stradbroke Island
North Gorge Walk Stradbroke Island

As the local kangaroos will be feeding and watching the sunrise as well.

Kangaroo North Gorge walk Stradbroke Island
Kangaroo North Gorge walk Stradbroke Island

Early morning or late afternoon you are sure to see the local kangaroos on the walk eating grass and chilling.

But keep an eye out for some kookaburra’s mean mugging ya..

Kookaburra Stradbroke Island

It’s amazing how much wild life you come across on this walk so keep the walk going as you’re bound to see more along the way.

Now the gorge itself is a beautiful sight.

North Gorge Stradbroke Island
North Gorge Stradbroke island

And if you’re lucky you will see sea turtles riding the waves below.

We were extra lucky and also got to see a manta ray riding the waves too.

There is an awesome look out to take in the gorge.

As you follow the board walk you will come to the other side of the gorge, which has a blow hole from the ocean in between the rocks.

North Gorge board walk Stradbroke
North gorge walk Stradbroke

Follow the path and you will be greeted with a stunning view of Main Beach.

Where you can sit and watch the surfers catch waves.

Also keep an eye out here for sea hawks as they perch in trees along the cliffs.

As we left the North Gorge walk there was some more kangaroos there to say goodbye.

So when visiting Stradbroke Island make sure the North Gorge walk is number one on your itinerary. You will love it!

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