Seal Bay – Kangaroo Island South Australia.

Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island is home to the endangered Australian sea lion. They are only found along the southern coast of South Australia, Western Australia and Kangaroo Island.

Seal Bay is the only place in the world where visitors can observe the Australian sea lion colony in their natural habitat.

Seal Bay Kangaroo Island

There is an estimated 12,000 Australia sea lions in population.

Now when you arrive at Seal Bay you have two options. A guided tour where a guide will take you down onto the beach and explain all you need to know about the Australian sea lion. Or the self guided walk along the board walk.

At the time of writing the cost for the guided tour is $37.00 for adults and $21.00 for children.

The cost for the board walk is $16.50 for adults and $10.50 for children.

Seal bay board walk

We decided to go with the self guided board walk so we could speculate about the Australian sea lions.

The staff here are very friendly and said that if would would like to do the guided tour we could just pay the difference later on. But the board walk was definitely enough for us.

Now Seal Bay is one hell of a beautiful spot in Australia!

Seals on the beach Kangaroo Island

Walking down the board walk to the beach is an amazing sight.

Seal Bay board walk on Kangaroo Island

There is a look out which looks over the point at the two beaches. From here you can see all the seals sunbaking and swimming below.

Along the board walk is the skeleton of a beached whale, which has been there since 1982.

Once you reach the end of the board walk you are at the beach. There are some chairs that you can sit on and take in the view and watch the seals sunbaking…

Kangaroo Island's Seal Bay

And swimming…

And chasing each other around. Its pretty fun to watch these guys in the wild!

Now here are some interesting facts about the Australian sea lion

Stones have been found in the stomach of dead sea lions. Now they have speculated that they do this to

  • feel less hungry during fasting periods.
  • break apart large pieces of food, as they don’t chew their food when they eat.
  • Grind up the parasitic worms that often infest their stomachs.

They can also reach speeds of 30 km/hr in the water! Using their powerful front flippers like wings to glide through the water and their back flipper to steer.

Their big teeth are for self defence and to tear apart their prey.

Seal Lion Kangaroo Island

Keep an eye out on the board walk as some of the sea lions like to sleep right under the board walk, like this guy.

Don’t forget that seal lions are very smelly ha ha.

These guys will spend up to three days at sea hunting and feeding. So that’s why when they are on the shore line they are mostly sleeping.

So should Seal Bay be on your places to visit when on Kangaroo Island?… YES.

I highly recommend it.

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