Stradbroke Island glamping

Stradbroke Island glamping definition: Enjoying the nature, beauty and fun of Straddie beach “camping.” But with some added creature comforts!

Glamping tents Stradbroke Island

Now for those not familiar with Straddie… Let me introduce you to this beautiful part of the world.

Point Lookout Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island AKA Straddie, is the second largest sand island in the world.

When visiting here there is high chance of seeing wildlife…. As there is an amazing array of wildlife everywhere 🐨🦘🐢🐬🦎🦅🦜!!!

Plus Straddie is home to some of the most spectacular scenery Australia has to offer!

Stradbroke Island sunset

So with that winning combo Straddie is AKA Paradise!!!

Located just 30km south-east from Brisbane in Queensland, it’s easily accessible for a day trip.

But Straddie is best enjoyed for as long as possible 😊… Which makes it the perfect place for a weekend reset or week long unwind!

So recently, we decided to treat ourselves to some long overdue Straddie quality time. And what better way to do that then by glamping?

Pros to glamping on Stradbroke Island:

• Glamping tents have full electricity powering!!! Yep that’s right… There are lights, fan, kettle, toaster, coffee machine and fridge in every one!

Glamping tent on Stradbroke Island

• Real bed with pillows, linen and towels provided. Added bonus – bed was super comfortable 😊

Stradbroke Island glamping tent

• Glamping requires less packing than traditional camping. Crockery, glasses, cutlery, washing line and drinks tub are already awaiting you.

Stradbroke Island glamping

• Get to stay at Adder Rock campsite which is right by the beach.

Adder Rock Stradbroke Island glamping
Adder Rock

• Camp-site amenities include BBQ areas and bathroom blocks with flushable toilets and hot water showers.

(But a portable grill can be arranged for your glamping deck if you would prefer.)

Grilling on Stradbroke Island glamping deck

• Roads are sealed! You can easily get around in a normal car. The only time you will you need a 4WD is if you want to drive on the beach.

Stradbroke Island glamping camp grounds

• Did I mention the close proximity to Brisbane? Either catch the ferry or water taxi from Cleveland and you’ll arrive in Dunwich in approx 45 minutes.

• For those not taking a car over there are buses you can catch to get around. Or alternatively there are scooters and bicycles that can be hired.

Cons to glamping on Stradbroke Island:

None. Haha just kidding.. I figure I have to come up with something so 🤔…..

• Leaving!!! The fact you will have to leave is a major con.

Leaving especially sucks when you’re heading across the water through a crazy storm 😬

• Straddie staff/locals. It’s not that they’re unfriendly per se… Just that they seem like they would rather not be working or sharing Straddie with tourists. I get it though. If I lived there I wouldn’t want to be working or dealing with tourists either haha.

Things to do while on Straddie:

As I said earlier, Straddie is best enjoyed for as long as possible. With more time up your sleeve you should be able to do all/some of these things 👇😊

North Gorge walk is a beautiful walk around the scenic Point Lookout headland.

North gorge walk Stradbroke Island
North gorge walk

Keep your eyes peeled for any turtles, rays, dolphins and migrating whales in the water below. (To see the whales in action, check out our Stradbroke Island whale watching blog)

• Hike around Blue Lake. There’s a few different options so if you have the time why not do them all?

Blue Lake Stradbroke Island
Blue lake

• Cool off in Brown Lake. It’s aways nice to visit this tranquil freshwater lake.

Brown Lake Stradbroke Island
Brown lake

• Enjoy the crystal clear water at Adder Rock. Go for a swim or take a board out for some fun in the waves.

• Check out Myora Springs, a beautiful pure fresh water spring frequented by wildlife.

Myora Springs

• Go wildlife spotting around the island. Hot tip – Free ranging kangaroos are everywhere!

Kangaroos on Stradbroke Island

• Watch amazing sunrises and sunsets from various viewpoints.

Stradbroke Island sunrise
Sun rising for another gorgeous day on Straddie

So as you can see glamping on Stradbroke Island is pretty freaking awesome!!

I highly recommend it 👍😊👍

Although I highly recommend visiting Straddie in general…. Whether it be a day trip, camping, glamping, hotel or holiday house… Just go there, you won’t be disappointed 😁!!!

Stradbroke Island glamping

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