Crystal Pool – Norfolk Island

Crystal pool on Norfolk Island is absolutely stunning!.. And it certainly lives up to its name with crystal clear water filling the coral covered rock pool.

Yes you read that right… This rock pool features its own little reef!

Check out this video we put together of the CRYSTAL POOL on NORFOLK ISLAND

Where is Norfolk Island 🇳🇫?

Norfolk Island is 1500km east of Brisbane Australia and is part of the Queensland government. Which seems crazy I know as the island is located 1400km above New Zealand!

It was first a penal colony for the British some 200 years ago. But the island’s history is a whole another story that I will save for later blogs.

This blog however is about the Crystal pool which is located on the south west part of Norfolk Island.

And my God is this place just bliss!

Norfolk Island Crystal rock pool

This rock pool is the perfect spot for a swim. It is so beautiful but can also be extremely dangerous.

View of Crystal Pool from the hill above

So just make sure you go at low tide as the water is very rough out here and will wash you out to sea in a second any other time.

Getting to Crystal pool

Enter the national park then make your way down the dirt road to the bottom of the hill. This is where you will be greeted with a dangerous for swimming and “Enter at your own risk” sign.

Beware sign Crystal Pool
Warning signs Crystal Pool

As I assume this sign is here for some reason, it is a story I would like to hear one day. None the less we pass the sign then start our descent down to the rocky cliff bottom.

Ropes down to Crystal Pool Norfolk Island

Now the night before we had the most rain the island has had in the past year. So the ground was extremely soaked and super slippery.

Climbing down to Crystal Pool on Norfolk Island

There is a rope to help you get down the mountain. Which was definitely needed as it was just mud and steep rock. So getting down made it a little bit tricky at first.

Climbing down to Crystal Pool on Norfolk Island

There are four different ropes to help you descend before you finally make it to the bottom.

Then a quick scurry across the volcanic boulders…

Rocky shore line Norfolk Island
Rocks near Crystal pool
Rocky shore line Norfolk Island

… Until you find yourself at this breath taking crystal clear rock pool.

Crystal Pool Norfolk Island

Best thing is there are two rock pools here!

Both are beautiful and full of coral and fish. But beware of the sea urchins that are hiding in the rock crevices!

Norfolk Island Crystal Pool

Climbing ontop of the surrounding rocks makes for the perfect angle of these rock pools.

Crystal Pool on Norfolk Island

It is the perfect location for a swim and there wasn’t a single person in sight. Especially since we were the youngest tourist on the island, as they market the island to retirement folk.

Crystal rock pool On Norfolk Island

So the island is the perfect spot to explore all the hidden gems which are off the beaten track.

Rock pool Norfolk Island

Like I said earlier make sure you go to these rock pools at low tide.

Not long after we got out of the rock pool, the waves started crashing over the rocks!

Waves crashing over Crystal Pool

And a huge amount of water was running through the pools then out to sea. With each wave more and more water would rush through. So we took that as a sign that it was time to leave and headed back to the bottom of the mountain for safety.

Heading back up the top of the hill

Heading back up the ropes was alot easier then going down as it wasn’t as slippery.

Nearly at the top of the hill
Made it back to the top!

Wow what a great little adventure this was. And definitely one of our highlights from Norfolk Island!

Crystal Pool Norfolk Island

Stay tuned for more blogs about Norfolk Island and as always happy travels 😊✌

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