Glamping Fraser Island

Fraser Island glamping

What’s the best part about glamping on Fraser Island? Well you keep the best parts of camping and mix it with amenities usually found in hotels.

Glamping Fraser Island

That’s right you can still fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and have a campfire, all while sleeping in a proper bed πŸ‘Œ Perfect!

Fraser island glamping

The Beachcamp Eco resort is located on the esplanade in Eurong. Which is just off Seventy Five Mile Beach, and has a bakery, shop, bar and restaurant, all within walking distance.

Benefits of glamping on Fraser Island

  • You’ll be safe from dingoes as all of Eurong is fenced off. So no need to worry about any dingo encounters whilst within the perimeter.
Dingo fence glamping Fraser Island
  • There will be more time to adventure and explore! As you won’t need to set up or pack down your tent.
Inland track Fraser Island
  • Get to enjoy some creature comforts like towels, linen, lights, power to charge phones, flushing toilets and hot showers. Although I personally didn’t experience a hot shower some of our group did 😜
Glamping tent Fraser Island
  • Use of the camp kitchen that has BBQs, fridges and most crockery and utensils – So less things to pack!
Glamping Fraser Island
  • Since the permanent canvas tents are raised up off the sand and have a sturdy roof over, bad weather isn’t necessarily going to ruin your trip.. Although it might put a dampener on it πŸ˜†
Glamping tents K'gari Island

How to get to Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located off the Queensland coast near Hervey Bay. Which is approximately 5 hrs from Brisbane.

Then you can either catch a barge from Inskip point or Hervey Bay.


However once there it is 4WD only (Especially when arriving from Inskip point as you drive straight onto the beach – And usually into the water!)

Driving off barge

But if you don’t have your own 4WD, don’t despair, as you can hire one from Hervey Bay or Kingfisher Bay resort.

Driving on the beach

Which is a pretty good option even if you have your own 4WD as Fraser is known for its difficult tracks.. If something were to go wrong you’ll wish it was in a hire car πŸ˜‚

Inland track Fraser Island

Then for those travelling alone or inexperienced in 4WDing, there are tag-along tours that you can join and explore the island in a convoy.

Inland Track K'gari Island

Or for anyone not wanting to drive themselves at all, there are also chaperoned tours.

Fraser Island fun facts

Since late 2021, Fraser has been known as K’gari Island. Which was the traditional name of the Butchulla people and means ‘paradise’.. And that it is!

K'gari Island

Over 100 freshwater lakes can be found here, some of which are “perched lakes.” Which means they lay above the water table and are only fed by rainwater.

Freshwater lake

Since no dogs are allowed on the island, the dingoes here are considered the purest breed.


Did you know that K’gari is the world’s largest sand island? It’s approximately 120km long and around 20km wide!

Things to do

Champagne pools

As with most rock pools it’s best to visit at low tide.

Champagne pools

Although this didn’t fit in with our schedule, so we couldn’t enjoy it in its calm glory.. But it was still pretty awesome!

Champagne pools

To access the pools, it’s just a short walk along the board walk, then down some stairs and across some rocks…

Boardwalk to Champagne pools
Stairs to Champagne pools

Although this walk will seem much longer if it’s a hot day and you forget to bring your shoes! So try not to make the same mistake πŸ˜‰

Lake Mackenzie

This place is probably K’garis most popular and iconic spot. And it’s easy to see why.

Lake Mackenzie

Not only is it the biggest lake on the island, but it’s pure white silica sand and blue water make it very inviting.

Lake Mackenzie

In fact, the beautiful fine sand is the very reason why the water is crystal clear.

Fraser Island glamping

It acts as a filter and creates an impervious layer that holds the water in.

Lake Mackenzie

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a great exfloiator!

Eli Creek

Nature’s answer to Calypso Beach (IYKYK). Grab a floatie (refreshing drink optional), walk the board walk down to the creek opening, then enjoy the ride along the free flowing water.

Eli Creek
Eli Creek boardwalkj

For those wondering where the fast paced water comes from?.. Eli Creek actually starts above sea level, further up in the sand dunes. Then flows down to meet the ocean – Making the infamous Eli Creek crossing πŸ€ͺ

Eli creek

Floating tip – Don’t underestimate how quickly this freshwater moves…

Eli creek

It’s so fast that apparently four million litres flow down every HOUR!!

S.S Maheno wreck

This ship wreck is a pretty cool sight to behold. Aswell as having a pretty interesting back story – While originally headed to Japan, a storm broke the tow chain and the Maheno drifted her way to her new home.

SS Maheno wreck
SS Maheno wreck

Photo tip – If you time your visit well a dingo might even grace you with their presence..

Dingo at SS Maheno wreck

Adding wow factor to your quintessential K’gari shipwreck pic.

Dingo at SS Maheno wreck

(Disclaimer- This only happened by pure luck but hopefully you’ll be just as lucky too!)

Seventy Five mile Beach

Of course driving on the world’s largest sand highway is a must.

Driving on 75 mile beach

Plus if you stick to tide times, it will be the quickest way to get around, avoiding the slower, bumpier inland tracks.

Driving on 75 mile beach

Just remember to observe the rules when driving on sand and stick to the 80 km/h speed limit.

Driving on 75 mile beach

And for anyone wondering why it’s called Seventy Five mile beach? Well because it is 75 miles long! Or 120 km for anyone using the metric system..

Driving on 75 mile beach

But guess 120 Kilometer beach doesn’t sound as good πŸ€”

Other accommodation options

If glamping doesn’t sound like your thing, Fraser Island has other options which might suit you better:

There are lots of traditional camp sites, some in fenced areas, some not. So just be sure to double check especially when booking with children under 15.

Dingo sticks

Then on the more luxurious side there are beach cabins, hotel rooms or holiday houses.

There really is something for everyone here πŸ™‚

Glamping tent Fraser Island

And for those who don’t want to camp, glamp or hotel.. Or are a little time poor, why not visit just for the day? Check out Backpacker deals for a great tour that takes you to some of K’gari’s best sites.

$$$πŸ‘‰ Receive 10% cashback on your booking plus save a further 5% when you use our discount code FWS5 😁 πŸ‘ˆ$$$

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