Australian sea lion

Snorkeling with Australian Sea Lions

Snorkeling with Australian sea lions was a truly amazing experience! And these guys aren’t called the puppies of the sea for nothing… They’re super playful and curious and make for some awesome swimming buddies!

Now the day before we were cage diving with a great white shark out at the Neptune Islands!.. So we thought what better way to spend the next day then to go swimming with their lunch?….

And since we were staying in Port Lincoln for a couple more days we booked a tour with Adventure Bay (now owned by Calypso Star charters.)

Adventure bay shark warrior

As the sea was very rough we headed north up to Blythe Island where the water was alot calmer… Which also was the completely opposite direction to where we saw the sharks yesterday! So that suited us just fine ha ha.

Check out our snorkeling with Australian sea lions video right here πŸ˜πŸ‘‡πŸ¦­

Australian sea lions are only found on the southern coast of Australia and are now unfortunately endangered.

The journey out to Blythe Island took about an hour. Once we arrived we could see little heads popping up out of the water!

Australian sea lions at blythe Island

As well as other sea lions sunbaking on the shores. Since it was the middle of winter here we got our 7mm thick wetsuits on as quickly as we could!

Then grabbed our snorkels and flippers with the quickness and jumped into the water. God damn was it cold!

I quickly started swimming to try and warm myself up.

I had mixed emotions about all of this. As the day before we were in deep water inside a cage, covered in berley in the hope to see one of the oceans apex predator – the great white shark….

And we saw three great whites! They were launching out of the water to get the bait it was crazy. Sure was an epic experience!!

Great white launching out of water

But now after I had jumped into the water, I looked down and I couldn’t see the bottom.

I started getting flash backs from the day before when we looked through the bottom of the cage and saw a great white emerge from the depths….

So I quickly swam towards the island and as it started to get more shallow that thought left my mind.

When I looked up and in the distance a seals head popped up out of the water.

It was a strange feeling swimming up to a wild seal lion, as I have never interacted with one before so I didn’t really know what I was in for.

snorkeling with australian sea lions

As I got closer to it I noticed there was another two just chilling on the ocean floor. They came straight up to me. I’m talking about one foot from my face.

snorkeling with australian sea lions

At first I was a bit set back by them as these guys are pretty big and have some huge teeth.

Group of australian sea lions

But they seemed very interested in me and started swimming around me.

Doing flips and twirls under the water.

These guys just wanted to play.

So I dove down to swim along side them and they loved it.

snorkeling with australian sea lions

It was such an awesome feeling to be playing and chasing them around.

As I swam around they started following me, then I would turn around and they would swim off.

snorkeling with australian sea lions

Then they would swim under me.

Australian sea lion

I have never interacted with sea creatures like this before it was so much fun!!

They really are the puppies of the ocean.

Australian sea lions

This was such an awesome day! I couldn’t wipe the smile of my face 😊

So if you’re ever in Port Lincoln I highly recommend snorkeling with the Australian sea lions!!.. It sure has our seal of approval πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜†

As always happy travels and I’ll seal you later πŸ˜‰πŸ¦­πŸ‘

snorkeling with australian sea lions

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