Scenic World Blue Mountains

Scenic World Blue Mountains

The magnificent Blue Mountains are known for beautiful scenery and some of their best views can be seen from Scenic World.

Scenic World Blue Mountains

Originally the site was a coal mine in the 1880’s. But when the mine shut in 1945 it started its transformation into Australia’s premier nature attraction!

Scenic World Blue Mountains

Now, Scenic World is home to four major tourist attractions, all giving different views of the Blue Mountains.

Scenic World map

The Scenic Railway is your ticket to ride the steepest railway in the world!

Scenic Railway Blue mountains

Back in the day, this incline railway was used for mining and transporting coal..

Scenic Railway Blue mountains

But now, it transports visitors 310m down into the Jamison Valley.

Scenic Railway Blue mountains

Passengers can choose the degree of their seat for added adventure.

Scenic Railway Blue mountains

With the Cliffhanger option giving you the best white knuckle experience!

Scenic Railway Blue mountains

The Scenic Skyway travels 720m across the gorge to Echo Point giving breath taking views of Katoomba Falls and the Three Sisters.

Scenic Skyway Blue Mountains

Glass floors also allow you to see the greenery of the valley 270m below.

Scenic Skyway Blue Mountains

For anyone scared of heights, don’t worry there are solid floors in the cabin as well.

Katoomba Falls seen from the Skyway

And for the extra adventurous you can also try the Beyond Skyway – The world’s first rooftop cable car experience 😬!

Scenic Skyway

Orphan Rock and Skyway terminal

The Scenic Cableway is the steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere.

Scenic Cableway Blue Mountains

It descends over a cliff and 510m to the Base station in Jamison Valley.

Scenic Cableway Blue Mountains

Scenic Cableway Blue Mountains

Offering great views of Orphan Rock and Mt Solitary along the way.

Orphan Rock Blue Mountains

The Scenic Walkway is a 2.4km elevated boardwalk through the lush rainforest of Jamison Valley. 

Scenic Walkway Blue Mountains

Scenic Walkway

It connects the Cableway and Railway stations, as well as giving you an opportunity to learn more about the mining history of the area.

Scenic Walkway sign

Old Coal mine

Old Coal mine

Blue Mountains facts

  • They are approximately 300 million years old
  • Are one of Australia’s top attractions with more than 4 million visitors per year!
  • There are over 250 kms of walking tracks which is the largest network in Australia
  • The Blue Mountains area is similar in size to Lebanon!
  • The reason they are “blue” is because all the Eucalyptus oil from the Eucalyptus trees mixes with dust and vapour creating a “blue tinge.”
Skyway going across gorge

How to get to Scenic World in the Blue Mountains?

Since Scenic World is less than two hours from Sydney it’s incredibly easy to get to. You can self-drive from Sydney or surrounding suburbs with free undercover parking on site.

Public transport – Catch the train from Central Station to Katoomba Station, then catch the Blue Mountains Explorer bus to Scenic World.

Tour companies – Multiple companies offer day trips to the Blue Mountains with some including entry to Scenic World and transportation from Sydney.

Three Sisters

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When is the best time to visit Scenic World or the Blue Mountains?

For Scenic World I would allow at least two hours. Which is more than enough time to do the Skyway, Cableway and Railway as well as time to enjoy the walk.

Plus if you choose your time well you will probably be able to do the Skyway, Cableway and Railway a few times. So choosing a time and a day is key as it can get very busy!

With that in mind, try to avoid visiting during school holidays or public holidays. And when visiting during the week try getting there when it opens as school groups start arriving around lunchtime.

As for the Blue Mountains in general, they can be enjoyed year round.

Three Sisters Blue Mountains

However, Spring (September to November) is probably the best time to visit as the weather is the most comfortable. But Autumn (March to May) is also a lovely time to visit, as you will see all the leaves change colour.

What else is there to do in the Blue Mountains?

With so much to see and do in the region, the Blue Mountains can be explored (quickly) during a day or leisurely over a few. With plenty of bush walks, hikes, waterfalls and scenic lookouts to satisfy nature lovers.

Lots of cute and quaint towns to visit (Leura, Katoomba, Wentworth Falls to name a few) for yummy eats at cafes, handicrafts and antiques at the markets and shops.

Or exploring the many cave systems – Jenolan, Red Hands, Mermaid, Cox and Bushranger’s. For more on Jenolan check out 👇😁

Adventure caving at the Jenolan Caves

Adventure caving in Jenolan Caves

So, as you can see Scenic World is a great way to see the beautiful Blue Mountains!

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