Lip Falls Queensland Australia

Looking for an amazing water hole to swim in this summer?? Well Lip Falls in Beechmont, Queensland has the perfect oasis in the forest!

Lips Falls is just a 50 min drive from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. Or an hour and twenty minute drive from Brisbane city. Just Google Doncaster Road, Beechmont for directions. Then look out for parked cars on the side of the road.

Let me share with you some photos and a story of our trip to Lip Falls.

Lips Falls

When the COVID restrictions finally eased off in Queensland, we were keen for an outing to get out of the house!

Let the adventure begin!!

We rounded up the gang and headed south of Brisbane to check out some caves that we had seen on the internet.

These caves are in the Lamington National Park. At a place called Binna Burra in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Once we finally made our way up through the mountain range we arrived at the entrance of Binna Burra. Only to find out that the road has been blocked off and no entrance allowed ☹️

Earlier this year Australia suffered from the largest bush fires in recent history. All of Binna Burra lodge was lost in the fires. So they have closed it down for repairs which is still ongoing.

As we had just drove one and a half hours to get here….

Now we had to make a back up plan with the quickness!

A quick google search and we were a 6 min drive from Lip Falls. Which is a place I had never heard of before, but it turned out to be the best plan B this year!

We followed Google maps which lead us to this driveway to someone’s home. At the entrance there was a large private property sign and a map bellow it.

Lots of people must show up to their house thinking it was the route to the falls…

None the less we follow the map and find some cars parked on the side of the road. We knew we had made it.

Once entering the walkway to start our hike, we noticed this sign saying the track to the swimming holes was closed.

The locals did not seem to be so happy about this decision made by the local council.

It turns out that part of the walking trail crosses over some private property which the new residents didn’t like. The trail has been shutdown since 2017. None the less we were on a mission!

Some local wallabies are on the path as we got further down the trail.

Not long after we arrived at the viewing point/look out of the Denham Falls.

We had to get down to these Falls so we continued on the track. Only to eventually come across this huge fence blocking the path that had security cameras.

We tried to work out which way we would go down the hill until a man showed up and pointed us in the right direction. Now we speculated that this guy wasn’t really a local… But a ghost of a man that was killed for trespassing and was leading us to our demise ha ha.

Anyway we walked along the fence line until the end.

Then had to spin around the end and walk our way back up. Just make sure you hold on tight!

The trail was in really good condition, so we continued to follow it down.

At the bottom was a beautiful river.

Then up ahead was the amazing Lip Falls!!

Lips Falls Queensland
Lips Falls Queensland

In summer this would be the best swimming spot! It was definitely too cold for a swim today though.

Lips Falls Queensland

We made the decision to head up stream to find the bottom of the Denham waterfall.

Lips Falls Queensland

It was alot of fun jumping across the rocks making our own path up stream.

Lips Falls Queensland

We finally made it to the bottom of the Denham Falls.

The water goes straight down into a cave that lies below the rocks.

It hasn’t rained much lately but the water was still flowing.

It’s so beautiful out here. And it was amazing to finally get out of the house!!

Lips Falls Queensland

Best plan B ever!

Lips Falls Queensland

Happy travels!

Lips Falls Queensland

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