Gardeners Falls Sunshine Coast

Gardeners Falls on the Sunshine Coast is the perfect place to swim and relax, all while taking in a beautiful waterfall! The best thing is it’s only an hour and twenty minute drive from Brisbane.

How to I get to Gardeners Falls?

Take the exit off Landsborough Maleny Rd onto Obi Ln S and follow it to the end and you will find the carpark for the waterfalls.

Before we headed to Gardeners Falls a quick stop at the Maleny cheese factory was a must, to stock up on supplies for a nice picnic by the waters edge.

Since I was a kid, Gardeners Falls was one of the best waterholes to go to for a swim. Or jump off the falls and try out our acrobatics on the rope swing. Which can be pretty dangerous as it’s very high… But it’s only water. So you don’t get hurt too bad when you over rotate your flips ha ha. Maybe a little winded at worst.

None the less, there is a big car park as this is a pretty popular waterhole. As well as a flat sealed walking track that follows the creek all the way to the water fall.

Gardeners Falls

You will most likely encounter some scrub turkeys on the walk. But they are not bothered by people and just go about their scrub turkey business.

Gardeners falls is part of the Obi Obi creek which flows through Maleny.

During summer time the best way to get to the falls is to walk through the creek following it all the way to the falls.

Gardeners Falls
Gardeners Falls

Once we arrived we found a nice spot to relax and try out the cheese platter.

Gardeners Falls

A turtle poked his head out of the water for some fresh air then disappeared into the deep.

A couple of water dragons were sun baking on some rocks next to the water.

It was a great spot to relax and take in the peaceful atmosphere for a couple of hours.

Gardeners Falls

I highly recommend checking out Gardeners Falls if you’re ever on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

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