Kondalilla Falls National Park

Kondalilla Falls National Park is near Montville, which is about an hour and 15 min drive from Brisbane. Now Montville is a quaint little shopping strip up in the Blackall mountain range. But aside from it’s central location in the hills it is a great base for some amazing bush walks in the area.

On our first walk we headed out to the Kondalilla Falls National Park

This is a great bush walk and is about a two hour round trip with some appreciation time in there.

Kondalilla Falls national park

Once you enter the national park there is a very nice picnic area and bathroom facilities.

Picnic area Kondalilla Falls National Park

Then it leads down into the hiking path.

Hiking track Kondalilla Falls national park

At the start of the walk you will arrive at Obi Valley look out.

Lookout near Kondalilla Falls

This is a great appreciation spot to just take in the view.

Along the walk we found some very interesting trees.

On this walk you will find some amazing rock pools to have a swim in.

Top of Kondalilla Falls

The water was definitely way too cold for a swim as it was winter when we visited. But we will definitely be back in summer for a dip!

The complete circuit walking track is 4.6 km. Which is a round trip from the rock pools.

Along this walk you will be in this beautiful rainforest.

Hiking track Kondalilla Falls national park

Not long into the walk we came to the top of the Kondalilla Falls.

This water fall is 80 meters high. And there is a nice viewing platform halfway down the waterfall.

There hasn’t been much rain so not much water was flowing. But can imagine how spectacular it would look when the water is pumping!

Kondalilla is an aboriginal word, meaning rushing water

Bottom of Kondalilla Falls

We headed down to the bottom of the waterfall by climbing some rocks to find a nice spot to chill.

Kondalilla Falls national park

It is so peaceful out here listening to the rushing water and birds in the tree tops.

We walked along the river hopping and jumping, rock to rock to explore the river.

Kondalilla Falls national park

Then found the track to make our way back up the hill.

Once we arrived at the top of the hill we found ourselves back at the rock pools on the other side.

This is a great easy hike near Montville. Make sure you bring water and enclosed shoes is definitely recommended. As Renee did the walk in her thongs, which she does not recommended ha ha.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more bush walks near Montville.

Happy travels!

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