Snake Lagoon Kangaroo Island

I would like to share some photos from our bush walk to Snake Lagoon on Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

First you enter Flinders Chase national park. After the information center you turn off the main road onto a dirt road which you follow for about 10 km. Then you will eventually reach a campsite, which is where the hike begins.

The hike is a 4.2 km and takes about two hours for a round trip.

You start off in the bush, where we saw some kangaroos grazing in the field.

kangaroo Island kangaroo's

After walking through the bush for awhile you will reach this creek. It has a little board walk across it.

Snake Lagoon Kangaroo Island
Snake Lagoon, kangaroo island

The surroundings are just amazing out here! With the river running through the bush, the scenery is very Australian.

Snake lagoon

These little flower bushes are found all over the place.

The rock formation along the river is very unique.

snake lagoon creek

Also keep an eye out for the lizards that are sunbaking on the rocks.

As you follow the river down stream it breaks into a large lagoon with a water fall. It’s the perfect spot to relax and just take it all in.

Snake Lagoon waterfall

Now I forgot to mention that when you follow the creek all the way to the end. It ends up meeting with the ocean. And your very own private beach. Unless there are other people doing the same hike.

snake lagoon beach
snake lagoon beach river

Now I wouldn’t recommend going for a swim as the ocean is pretty rough and you could see lots of rips in the water. Also you are on your own out here. So better to be safe than sorry.

snake lagoon beach rocks kangaroo island

While we were chilling on the beach this big goanna was walking along the sand. It was so cool to see him walking around looking for food.


snake lagoon goanna
kangaroo island goanna
kangaroo island goanna climbing rocks

There are lots of different hikes and bush walks you can do on Kangaroo Island, and we really enjoyed the Snake Lagoon hike.

So even though this place is called Snake Lagoon, we unfortunately didn’t get to see any snakes 😞

But Renee was pretty happy with that!

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Happy travels 😊

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