Dead Sea – step by step guide on how to float

How’s it going internet? I would like to share with you a helpful step by step guide on how to float in the Dead Sea.

Now the best practice you can do, is to go to your local floatation tank and practice your floating skills there. Then you can bring it to the big leagues and hit up the lowest point on planet earth….. the DEAD SEA.

Step 1

Book a flight to Jordan or Israel. We were on a tour through Jordan and got to explore Petra then we ended at the Dead Sea for a couple of days.

Step 2

Find a hotel that backs onto the Dead Sea, so you have easy access to the sea whenever you like. In our case we stayed at the Holiday Inn. Not too bad at all. It was like a ghost town nobody was around.

Step 3

Entering the water. Now when I was there it was the middle of winter. So the water was a little fresh if you know what I mean! Nonetheless approach the shore line with caution. Put one foot in the water then follow with the second. Repeat this procedure until you are waist deep. Now at this point your body wants to fall forward or backward like the water is trying to push you around. Don’t fight it.

Step 4


At this point you have lost the battle with trying to stay up right in the Dead Sea. You have either fallen forward..

Supergirl float Dead Sea

Or backwards..

Floating is easy in the Dead Sea

Once you have mastered the floating I would recommend heading back to shore for…..

Step 5

Covering yourself in Dead Sea mud.

Now it is said to give you superpowers or maybe the minerals in the mud do wonders for those crows feet on your head. If so it must be some magical miracle mud cause everyone was coating themselves in it and they even export this mud around the world. Saying that, not far from where we were floating Jesus was “supposedly” baptised in one of the inlets to the Dead Sea. Which might have something to do with it.

Covered in Dead Sea mud

Now after about 10 minutes in the sun with the mud on it gets insanely stingy!!!!

Step 6

Get back into the water with the quickness to get the mud off your body and stop the sting.

Now as we were floating peacefully in dead silence in the Dead Sea, we could hear these faint pops in the background… Which ended up getting louder as the echo bounced across the water. It was the middle of the day and was way too early for fireworks. Turns out the next day when I was reading the paper…..

Israel was bombing Syria and what we were hearing was the explosions over the water. Was crazy to think we were chillin floating in the sea while peeps not that far away were losing their lives, families and homes. It was a full reality check on the struggles in the Middle East.

Step 7

Trying to sink yourself while floating.

Floating in the Dead Sea - Rocks can't even sink you

I was floating while Renee loaded over six rocks on me and that still didn’t sink this P & O cruiser.

Step 8

Learn your moves.

Now that you have been floating for a couple of hours and have honed your floating skills it’s time to step it up with some dope ass monouvers.

WARNING! This is for the experienced only –

This one I like to call the skydiver

Skydiver float in Dead Sea
Full free fall styles

The Recliner

Recliner float pose - Dead Sea
Comfort zone 2000

And the classic “How’s it going???”


Step 9

If you have followed these steps correctly you should now be a floating master.

I hope this step by step guide on how to float in the Dead Sea has helped everyone 🙂

In hindsight I remember floating in the sea looking back at the shore and seeing the lifeguard sitting there with a lifesaver floatation ring. And I thought to myself who on earth would not be able to float in this sea?.. and who would even need a floatation ring in a ocean that you can’t sink in?

Oh and before I forget….

Step 10

I did this to see what it tasted like and god damn it tastes like chemicals! I thought it might taste really salty but I was wrong. Now you know…. So you don’t have to try, I took one for the team. Cause that’s the type of guy you’re dealing with. I got your back.

For more on the Dead Sea, click the link 🙂