Scenic flight Jim Jim falls

Scenic flight over Kakadu

A scenic flight over Kakadu is the perfect way to see the landscape and waterfalls of Arnhem land in the Northern Territory.

Especially in wet season when the only way you can see these famous waterfalls is by air!

Added bonus being that you get to see them at their full potential 💦💦💦

Where can you catch a scenic flight over Kakadu from?

We took off from Jabiru airport in Kakadu National Park.

This Kakadu Air flight will take us an hour as we fly over the plains of Kakadu and past some amazing waterfalls!

Plane taking us on scenic flight over kakadu

So we all loaded into the Ga8 Airvan and got briefed on our flight.

We put on our head sets as this scenic flight has a recorded audio guide. Best of all?. Everyone gets a window seat!

Once in the air we flew straight over the famous crocodile hotel in Jabiru.

Crocodile Hotel Jabiru

Then headed out over the Kakadu savannah.

Scenic flight over Kakadu

On my side of the plane there was not much going on at all… But on Renee’s side there must have been as she kept pointing out the window saying “did you see that?”

Since it was wet season, most of the waterfalls were closed due to flooding (and crocodiles 🐊!)

So the only way to see the mighty Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls was by air..

And wow was Jim Jim Falls pumping!

Scenic flight over Kakadu waterfalls

There was so much water flowing!

Jim Jim falls seen by air

Jim Jim Falls is around 200 meters high and is very impressive!

Jim Jim Falls

On land Jim Jim falls is only accessible by 4×4.

Jim Jim Falls

And it’s about a 2 hour drive off the main road in Kakadu.

Close up of Jim Jim Falls from above

The next falls were the epic Twin Falls.

Twin Falls from above

Twin Falls is part of the South Alligator river. Strange name I know as we don’t have any alligators in Australia…

Twin Falls is around 51 metres high and looks like it would be a great swimming hole in the dry season!

Twin Falls from above

We flew past the waterfalls from both sides of the plane so we could all get an awesome view of the falls.

Then we headed back to the airport.

As it is wet season there were also a few random waterfalls cascading over the cliffs.

Random waterfalls in Kakadu

And luckily on the return journey I got to see some of the views Renee was admiring on the way there!

scenic flight over Kakadu
Scenic flight over Kakadu
Kakadu scenic flight
Scenic flight over Kakadu

We also flew over Nourlangie Rock.

Where there is a great hike around the rock to see ancient cave paintings, and the birth place of the rainbow serpent dream time story.

Nourlangie Rock

Just before the airport is a huge Uranium mine. It’s so crazy that this mine is in the middle of Kakadu National Park.

Uranium mine in Kakadu National park

Thankfully the lease is now up on the mining site and is now in shut down mode. So hopefully in a couple of years it will return to its natural bush land. But who knows what the on going risks and pollution it will leave behind. Only time will tell I guess.

We arrived back at the airport and came in for a smooth landing.

Jabiru Airport in Kakadu National park

This sure was a great way to see Kakadu especially in the wet season as most of the roads are shut. And it gives you a totally different perspective of the landscape.

So if you ever get a chance to explore Kakadu National Park definitely add a scenic flight to your itinerary.

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