mt hutt new zealand

Mt Hutt – New Zealand, my first snow trip

For a recent birthday, Renee took me to Mt Hutt, New Zealand to see snow for the first time 🙂 Best present ever!!!

Snowboarding at Mt Hutt New Zealand

We rounded up some more friends to come on this adventure. When we arrived another two mates from interstate were waiting at the AirBnb. Was super rad and an extra surprise!!

Our destination was Mt Hutt about 50 min out of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Although the locals don’t call it that, they call it Mt Shut as the mountain regularly closes due to high winds.

Our AirBnb was on a golf course in an area called Windwhistle. Which was very fitting as it was super windy! Not too sure how good playing golf here would be. But from our veranda we had an awesome view of the mountains.

This was a short trip and we were only able to go to up the mountain for three days. On our first day I was super excited to see the snow! Every adventure overseas I have ever been on I have chased the summer. When we got to the mountain it was -3 which is the coldest I have ever been.

We hired a Rav 4 which was a four wheel drive so we didn’t need to put chains on the tyres. The drive up the mountain has amazing scenery.

Mt Hutt New Zealand

We tried to get to the mountain early before the mountain got too packed full of people.

Ski area Mt Hutt New Zealand

We got our lift passes and board hire etc. The ladies booked a private lesson and us guys walked up the beginner run and strapped on the board. Now two of the guys I was with have done it many times before and gave me some pointers. I said if I can get down the beginner run first go with out falling I would jump on the chair lift and go half way up the mountain.

I successfully made it down the beginner run. So, we got on the chair lift and made our way up to the easiest run the mountain has to offer.

Here is a map of the runs on Mt Hutt

Mt Hutt ski runs

Now getting off the chair lift is quite hard at first, it takes a couple of goes before you get the hang of it. So I ate shit the first five times until I finally got the hang of it.

Now as I have been rollerblading most of my life, I instantly thought I cant wait to hit some jumps! But as I learnt how to stop on the board and got the feel of going fast, hitting the jumps was put on hold as I have never bombed a hill as fast as this before. Never on my rollerblades, or skateboard, or BMX, have I committed to go this fast down a hill! The fear of hitting the concrete is not there and you can slow yourself down a lot faster.

Don’t get me wrong. I fell over a lot. But it is snow and it’s a lot softer to what I’m used to falling on.

We caught up with the ladies after their lessons and went half way up the hill.

We all fell on our dismount off the chair lift ha ha and regrouped with the rest of the squad.

Snowboarding Mt Hutt New zealand

It was so cool to bomb the hill together. Watching each other fall over and trying to dodge each other.

It was a great first day at the snow! We ended the day with a snow ball fight then headed back down the mountain.

On the way back, we saw some of the many sheep NZ has to offer.

Also a lot of deer as well.

We got back to our AirBnb just as the sun was setting. What a view!!

We all bought duty free bottles of alcohol so we cracked them and cooked a feed and talked and laughed late into the night.

The next morning we were all a little bit hungover. None the less, we got in the car and headed back to the mountain.

There was a little bit of snowfall over night. So we had some nice fresh powder to play in.

I had one run down the beginner run and thought I had it in me to go straight to the top and try bombing the mountain right from the top!

Top of Mt Hutt New Zealand

The view was amazing up here.

I got to capture the long white cloud that New Zealand is known for!

The moment I strapped my board on, stood up and looked down the run. I totally forgot everything I learnt the day before haha. The run we picked was steep and narrow and my skills were totally not up to scratch. It took me about 45 min to get to the bottom haha.

Caught up with the crew for lunch then played on the middle runs for the rest of the day. Finished the day at the snow with some snow angels. Then we headed back, got cleaned up, then went for dinner at the Blue Pub in Methven.

Not the best food I have ever had. But the beer was cold, so I was happy.

Our last day at the snow was so much fun, now that I have a feel of snowboarding.

Halfway through the day we were half way up the mountain and we could see the clouds coming up the mountain. Then all of a sudden everything was white. We couldn’t see more than two meters in front of us. Then it happened. The thing I thought was only CGI in movies, the stories I always heard about…. It started SNOWING !!!!

I was so stoked to see it actually snow!!!

This was very high on my bucket list and I finally got to tick it off.

This was the slowest run of the day going down the hill as it was snowing. Everything was white – the ground, straight ahead and up all looked the same it was so surreal. When we finally got to the bottom, we had some burgers in the snow for lunch.

As we waited for the snow to blow over the mountain, we decided some beers were in order. Once it cleared we got back out there and shredded the new powder. It was so much fun!

After it snowed, they opened the Corona bar at the top of the middle chair lift! So, of course we all had some beers there too.

Crew shot Mt Hutt New Zealand

It was the best way to spend the last day at the snow.

When we got back to our AirBnb we were greeted with another amazing view of the sunset on the mountain.

What an awesome weekend!!

I can’t believe I put off going to the snow for this long. Snowboarding is so much fun and now I have caught the bug 👾 It’s just a shame I live so far away from the snow. But I will try and do it again ASAP.

For more info on Mt Hutt click right HERE .

Another fun thing to do in the area is… Jet boating in the Rakaia Gorge!!!