Jet boating in the Rakaia Gorge, New Zealand

While in New Zealand we got to go jet boating through the Rakaia Gorge.

The Rakaia river runs through the Canterbury Plains and is one of the largest braided rivers New Zealand has to offer. The landscape here is just breath taking.

Rakaia Gorge, New Zealand

While here, we drove past the Discovery Jet boat at the foot of the river every day, for our three days of snowboarding. We all said we have to do this on our last day!

Rocked up at 10 am and it was about two degrees. All of us were a bit worried about getting wet in the boat. Luckily our boat captain was on the same page, he didn’t want to get wet either! He said he would do his best to avoid that. So we loaded up the jet boat and hit the water.

We were at the base of Mt Hutt which is about an hour from Christchurch, the landscape is just so beautiful! The gorge is full of crystal blue water from the melted snow from the mountains. The river runs through lime stone cliffs.

Our captain knows these rivers like the back of his hand. We speed ever so close to the edge of the cliffs,

With the wind in our hair and water spray on our face, it feels like we are flying.

Rip it down the river and the captain sends a couple of 360’s which was super fun. This was definitely the best way to explore the gorge.

So if you’re ever near Mt Hutt, jet boating on the Rakaia Gorge should definitely be on your to do list!

But if that seems too fast paced for you, there is a 10.4 km hike that will still allow you to see the beautiful landscape.

Rakaia Gorge, New Zealand

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Happy travels 🙂