The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea has always intrigued me. Everything from its name, beauty benefits and healing properties, to the fact you can’t even “swim” in it. A visit here was always high on my bucket list and I was super excited when we finally got to tick it off.

Dead Sea Jordan

The water here is approximately 9x more saltier than the ocean. This makes it super easy to kick back and relax, floating takes absolutely zero effort from you. The high salt content also makes it nearly impossible to swim properly. So if you want to come here to cut some laps, think again this is a float only space.

Floating in the Dead Sea

I recommend experimenting with different float poses.

Just don’t drink the water or get any in your eyes. And it’s probably not a good idea to go in if you have any open cuts!

Walking down to the Dead Sea Jordan

Because of the high salinty no animals can live in it hence the name “Dead” Sea. You can float in peace knowing there are no hidden sea creatures lurking beneath!

Shoreline of the Dead Sea

Speaking of creatures, the only ones you are likely to see are your fellow mud covered, sea-side spa dwellers.

With plenty of Dead Sea mud readily available, take advantage. Slather on as much mineral rich mud as you can!

Once you are fully covered in mud, wait for it to dry and exfoliate it off to reap it’s many benefits!

Dead Sea mud benefits

At roughly 400m below sea level, it is the lowest point on earth. This makes the temperature of the water warm all year, meaning anytime is a good time to visit! We can vouch for this, we went in the middle of winter and the water and surrounding land area were much warmer than the rest of Jordan.

Unfortunately the Dead Sea is shrinking each year because of evaporation and other causes. In doing so, the lowest point on Earth is getting lower every year. If this is on your list, try and see it as soon as you can, otherwise you might only be floating in The Dead Puddle 🙂

Sunset over the Dead Sea

If you’re unsure on how to float in the Dead Sea, check out our official Dead Sea step by step guide on how to float!!!