Capricorn caves tour

Capricorn caves – adventure caving

If exploring caves is something you find interesting, then the Capricorn Caves are an absolute must!

Now adventure caving isn’t for everyone…

I mean if you’re claustrophobic, scared of the dark and being in tight places, and don’t like getting covered in bat shit… Then this is definitely not for you.

But if you enjoy tight holes while covered in bat shit, you’re in for a real treat 😆

Where are the Capricorn Caves?

The Capricorn caves are a 30 minute drive from Rockhampton in Queensland.

Once here, the adventure caving is a two hour cave crawl through the Capricorn Caves. Cost is $75 for the guided tour.

map of Capricorn cave system

This adventure will have you climbing through small holes that you can just get your body through and sliding on your stomach over piles of bat shit. And eventually emerging from the darkness at the summit above the Capricorn caves!

There are also less intense and adventurous caving experiences on offer.. But where’s the fun in that?

You start off with a safety briefing and get fitted with a helmet and light.

Make sure you empty your pockets and tuck your shirt in. So in theory, when you’re crawling on the ground you won’t get dirt (bat shit) down your pants. Then you are good to go!

kitted up for adventure caving

This caves system is inside a limestone mountain, so we are going up through the cave system instead of going under ground.

Capricorn Caves

As we enter the caves, we walk down some stairs then it’s game on!!

Capricorn caves tour

The guide points to a little hole on the floor and said “so who’s first??”

Haha I looked at it and was like I don’t think I will fit through that.. The guide reassured us that it will be fine.

adventure caving Capricorn caves

So I got onto my stomach put my hands first through the hole and started to shimmy my way through.

It was about a meter long hole. Then it opens up into a cave that you could stand on your knees to catch your breath. From there you head through the next hole which was just as small.

Now the trick is, when you’re inside the hole and you feel like you can’t move at all and are stuck: Just take a deep breath and remind yourself don’t panic you can get through this.. Then start wriggling your way through.

adventure caving Capricorn caves

It really is a mind game when you’re in these tight places in the dark. And the want to panic is very strong ha ha.

The next hole had some water on the bottom as you come out of it so we all got really muddy.

The catch is that it’s not mud…. It’s actually bat shit and water…..

adventure caving Capricorn caves

You see the Capricorn caves is home to over 110,000 little bent-wing bat’s that use this as a maternity site. So that is definitely not mud on the ground 😂

Bent wing bat

Covered in faecal matter, we got through the puddle which then opened up into a huge cave.

Then we started our ascent to the summit of the mountain.

adventure caving Capricorn caves

There was a cave opening in the side of the mountain where we could see the treetops.

Inside Capricorn caves

Then through some more cave mud ha ha, before climbing up the rocks and through the openings.

Capricorn caves tour

Finally lead us to the guillotine cave.

adventure caving

It gets its name by this huge sharp rock that hangs above just like a guillotine.

Guillotine cave

We cram ourselves through some more tight holes.

Adventure caving

Then find a foot bridge in the next cave.

Foot bridge

Which leads us out to this big opening with some vines growing down into the hole.

Then we climb up a little bit further and find a way out to the top of the mountain.

Exiting Capricorn Caves

From here we start to rock hop our way to the top.

Outside of Capricorn caves

We just have to watch our step as the limestone is extremely sharp. One wrong move or slip and you’ll cut yourself up pretty bad on these rocks.

Jagged rocks Capricorn caves

On the way out we found a python in one of the crevices..

Python hiding in crevice

Not a bad view from the top at all 😊

View from the top
View from the top
View from the top

We found a skink chilling between the rocks as we made our way back down into the caves.

Skink hiding in rock

Our last cave crawl was through the whale’s belly.

Whales belly Capricorn caves

This was an extremely tough crawl through a very small space!

Whales belly Capricorn caves

First off you had to climb through a little hole in the rock, then shimmy your way up and over another rock inside.

Once that is done you find yourself in a cavity just enough to kneel on the floor.

The next step is up through a hole above. There is a rope to help you get through this one and my God this was the most difficult challenge!

Adventure caving

Not only do you have to climb up into the hole but once inside there is a rock called the nutcracker.

Nutcracker Capricorn caves

The perfect name for this rock ha ha.

This was extremely testing on me, mentally and physically.

There was just enough room to go through this hole arms first, holding onto the rope to pull you through.

The rock surroundings closed in so tight as I got halfway through, that I could barely wriggle my hips to make centimetres at a time moving forwards.

This really plays on my mind, and I have to take deep breath and try not to panic – Whose great idea was this?!?

Adventure caving

Once half way there is nothing to push your feet off to help you. So your legs are dangling in the air as you twist your hips, centimetre by centimetre until you inevitably reach the nutcracker.

And just as the name suggests I slowly drag the meat and two vege over this horrible obstacle.

Once you past that you can see some light at the end which is the way out to freedom.

Adventure caving

This was definitely the most challenging rock crawl I have ever done!

But I’m stoked I made it through without a mental breakdown. Your mind goes to some strange places when you’re in tight spaces.

On our way out of the caves it felt like we were in a Indiana Jones movie as we ran along the suspension bridge.

Suspension bridge

Sweaty and covered in bat shit we had definitely earnt a beer or two.

If you’re ever visiting Rockhampton definitely add the Capricorn caves to your itinerary – It’s hole lot of fun 😁!!

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